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La temporada del tiburón toro es en invierno, desde mediados de noviembre hasta finales de febrero, pero la mejor época empieza en el mes de diciembre. La actividad ocurre a los 20m – 25m. / 66 pies – 82 pies, a tan solo 5 minutos en barco desde la orilla haciendo de este una emocionante excursión.

Join the best bull shark diving with feeding in Playa del Carmen! Large female bull sharks congregate near the beaches of Quintana Roo.

Bull sharks are attracted here by the fresh water from the cenotes that run out to sea. The constant flow of fresh water that leaves the cenote attracts them, as well as the abundant food found in the area. Playa del Carmen is also known for having a large turtle population which is another food source for bull sharks.

The bull shark season is in winter, from mid-November to the end of February, but the best time begins in December.

Bull shark activity occurs at 20 - 25 m. / 66 ft - 82 ft, just 5 minutes by boat from shore making this an exciting excursion.

If you like encounters with sharks, learn more about snorkeling with whale sharks!

If you want to do the bull shark activity without feeding, please let us know your request!

IMPORTANT: It is impossible to control the mother of nature, we do not always guarantee the sighting of the bull shark on the tour or the number of them, this happens very rarely but sometimes it happens, we will do everything possible to make you enjoy your day, but there is no money back.

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